This article will discuss 10X50 vs 20X50 binoculars and determine which one is the best. Below is the brief answer to the 10X50 vs 20X50 comparison. Both 10X50 and 20X50 binoculars are equally good. 10X50 binoculars have an ideal exit pupil of 5 mm. The bigger-sized exit pupil gives them the ability to produce a brighter image in low light. 10x50 vs 20x50 Binoculars. Although 20x50 binoculars will provide more magnification than 10x50s, the field of view will be very narrow and the exit pupil will be small, images won't be very bright and they will not be very useful in low light conditions. Also, 20x50s will be difficult to hold steady and will magnify the shake of your hands. 1 day ago · The simple answer is that you can't really compare. There are two primary reasons why a 10x50 binocular will be brighter than a 20x50 binocular. First, when all else is equal, a 10x50 binocular will be at least four times brighter than a 20x50 binocular. Second, 20x50 binoculars don't perform well handheld and require a tripod or other support. 3. level 1. basaltgranite. · 2 yr. ago · edited 2 yr. ago. Assuming reasonable stage lighting, 10x25 should do fine. Also good for travel and daytime sight-seeing. A 10x50 is a standard choice for astronomy. If you're interested in astro and the concert is a one-off, it might be worth carrying the larger 10x50, especially if you buy only one bin.

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